Soft Bridge HR Management System

Soft-Bridge HR software systems manage a company or organisation’s workforce in a single and comprehensive application with integration of many other HR applications like attendance system, compensation structure, talent hunt, and career building and performance management. It’s actually automation of human resource management tasks so company’s overall objectives get execution.

Core Features


HRM Software Payroll Management

Payroll management system performs these tasks: 1. pay and benefits calculation as per standards 2. Transferring and Managing bank depositing 3. Salary up gradation and down grade as well 4. Tracking of salary funds 5. Rewards like pension etc

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HRM & Leave Attendance Management

Communication between HR and employees is very essential and an effective HRM Attendance Management System becomes a bridge between these two and it facilitates efficient management of employee leave including: 1. Applications managements 2. Flow of Approvals 3. Arrear leave data 4. Annual leaves and it’s carry-forward status

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HRM & Asset Management

HRM and Asset Management System Good human resource management software has the functionality to keep a documentation of assets issued to employees such as: 1. Computers and accessories 2. Vehicles to transport 3. cell phones, to communicate The record typically includes asset type, self decided serial number, and some necessary details.

HR Management Software Comparison

To compare different HR management systems, you will likely want to consider these facets of the software:

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Small vs Large

There are few HR systems that are made for few employees and few system are made for large organisations with full functionalities so while comparing, you need to know this aspect first. Proven record and self testing is very important when you are going to but HR software for your organisation. It must have scalability to scale up if you want to meet future developments.

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Talent Hunt

Many HR management systems have new features that are not a part of core parts but very important as per current scenario like talent hunt. So if you needed these extra functionalities then at least inquire about it. However, not all HR management developers have reached to the same breadth, as the large systems. Sometimes, you may also not need to use, or pay for HRS features if they’re not relevant to your business structure


Reporting has a less value feature while considering HRMS but it has a very significant value in management perspective. Employee appraisal system, ongoing products reviews and many more things are a part of HRMS reporting system. Up to dated HRMS has now this functionality that Employee can update their personal information and this has lessen a considerable administrative burden from HR management.

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Core HR Software Features & Capabilities

Personal level features

Human resource management software core function is to provide a centralized database containing data for all workforces’ past and present employment status with all necessary updates like salary, leave and attendance.The personal level HR features common to most HRMS in this category are as follows:


Clients and Feedbacks

Sultani Elesto product

Sultani Elesto product

We are top most satisfied client of this company because their applications are as per quality standards and support team is extra ordinary also. We get quick reply from Bridge - App support team every time and they provide services till problem not get resolved.

Chenab club

Chenab club

I like the professionalism Bridge - App has and the company attentive nature. I like dealing with management and system and support team as all of them are true professionals. Whenever we need a custom change, we hear this sound, Done.

Tauseef Enterprises

Tauseef Enterprises

I want you to know that everyone is very impressed and pleased with the work of your entire team. I cannot say enough how much of a pleasure it has been working with each of them. Bridge - App has reason to be very proud of your team members.

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