Best POS System for Convenience Stores

Best POS System for Convenience Stores Comfort shops make up approximately two-thirds of all businesses in the United States and the demand is becoming more complex. The most effective way to keep a convenience retailer on top is to invest money in a high performing convenience retailer POS system

Harbortouch Elite gives you a choice of 4 completely different POS software program options. Retailers from convenience retailers will almost certainly need a retail model that uses a software program that comes with the following products:

  • Inventory management
  • Unlimited product variants.
  • to order something.


  • Calculate commissions.
  • Job-based permissions.

Discharge plan.

  • Dealing with rental agreements.
  • Resale interface (broadcast).

Customer relationship management


  • Loyalty program.
  • The current registration.
  • Brand management
  • Dealing with social media accounts.
  • Combine the opinions of the retailers.

Best POS System for Convenience Stores IOS GADGET

Square for Retail app with your iOS gadget, link your company account and import your inventory catalog and employee list. After the data is ready, you can use the following functions:

Inventory management
Generate and print barcode labels.

  • Organize the inventory by class.
  • Switch inventory anywhere.
  • to order something.
  • Notification of low stock levels.
  • Unlimited product variants.

Electronic receipt.

  • Tips are recommended.
  • Truncate tenders.
  • Partial financing.


  • Job-based permissions.
  • Cost comparison.

Payroll add-on.

  • Customer relationship management
  • Save buyer details.

Monitor purchase history.

  • Email advertising and marketing add-ons.
  • Loyalty program add-on.

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